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Are you needing financing for growth of your alarm company? Many family owned alarm companies have tremendous growth opportunities. All they need is the working capital to make it happen. This eBook examines the financing options for family owned alarm companies that want to grow without banks or private loans.
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Financing and Capital Alternatives for Family Owned Alarm Companies



Alarm Funding Associates is a security funding and acquisition company dedicated to helping full service alarm operating companies like yours continue to grow without having to choose between selling out completely or borrowing capital at terms that will eventually eat away at your profits and your future.

More importantly, with AFA you won’t change the way you’re doing business. You’ll be able to maintain your independence and continue to build off your reputation and expertise.

No need to change your yard signs or decals, with Alarm Funding Associates you’ll continue to operate under your current brand name; continue to maintain your relationship with every customer you protect; continue to provide service just as you’ve done in the past; continue to work your account base for referrals; continue to receive all new business leads; and, continue to manage and prosper from all moves and transfers.

So, before you sign on the dotted line, talk to us first. We can tailor a program to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

Funding Your Alarm Company

Funding Options

Our funding programs give you cash without borrowing and without having to go out of business. Learn More ▶
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Why Use Us

Discover why AFA has helped fund the growth of hundreds of alarm companies just like yours. Learn More ▶
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Free eBook

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