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Our Mission –
To help you take equity out of your business while remaining in business.


At Alarm Funding Associates, we come to work every day to help alarm company owners take equity out of their business while still remaining in business.

There’s no borrowing money. There’s no signing away of your personal or business assets as collateral. Just practical funding alternatives that allow you to get your hard-earned equity while still running your company.

Our approach is so effective that we’ve become the fastest growing alarm funding and acquisition company anywhere. We’ve helped hundreds of family-owned alarm companies use their equity for growth or any other purpose while still remaining in business. And we’d like to help you. Contact us to learn more about the funding options offered by Alarm Funding Associates.


Greg Westhoff

Greg Westhoff

President and Chief Executive Officer
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Joseph Monachino

Chief Marketing Officer
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Cara Davidson

Director of Acquisition Integration & Billing
John Westhoff

Adam Westhoff

Senior Vice President Acquisitions
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Sheila Carbaugh

Account Executive, Partner Services
John Westhoff

John Westhoff

Vice President of Acquisitions
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Kelly Keane

Director of Acquisitions
Jake Westhoff

Jake Westhoff

Vice President of Acquisitions


Alarm Funding Associates is headquartered in West Chester, PA. and serves alarm company owners throughout the US and Canada.

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