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Are you needing financing for growth of your alarm company? Many family owned alarm companies have tremendous growth opportunities. All they need is the working capital to make it happen. This eBook examines the financing options for family owned alarm companies that want to grow without banks or private loans.
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8 Reasons to Use Alarm Funding Associates


Why Choose Us

Access to capital and financing alternatives for most family owned and operated alarm service companies is limited and in many cases prohibitive! That’s where we come in. We help alarm company owners just like you raise money by taking equity out of their business while remaining in business. And that’s why Alarm Funding Associates (AFA) is recognized as one of the premier funding sources in the industry.

1 Raise Money Without Borrowing

Sell all or part of your account base without going out of business. No borrowing. No signing away of personal or business assets. We’ll buy all or part of your accounts while you stay in business. Ask us how we do it.

2 Earn a Competitive Multiple

We pay competitive multiples in a transparent fashion. We are eager to fund top dollar for your accounts.

3 Continue to Earn

You’ll continue to maintain every relationship with your customers, and will continue to earn from on-going service, adds, moves, changes, referrals, upgrades, new locations…just like it is today.

4 Stay Independent

Keep your name, maintain your independence, and continue to build off your reputation and expertise. With AFA, you won’t change the way you are doing business.

5 Ongoing Funding

AFA can continue to purchase new accounts on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis to fund your growth. Talk with us about your situation.

6 Expedited Funding

We quickly and efficiently fund your business so you have the capital you need for business growth.

7 Free Business Support

Get expert business development and marketing support whenever you need it. We also have a variety of other online support services to help you manage your business.

8 Trusted Industry Funding Experts

With more than 40 years of alarm industry experience, we’ve been a trusted funding partner for hundreds of companies. Learn more about our leadership.

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